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At Lloyds Infinite Foundation, we believe in creating a positive impact on society by giving back to the communities we serve. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stems from our core values of integrity, sustainability, and community development.

Since 2021


Our Mission

At Lloyds Infinite Foundation (LIF), we are committed to empowering lives and building a brighter future for communities in the areas where Lloyds Metals & Energy Limited (LMEL) operates. Established as the dedicated arm of LMEL for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors, LIF operates with a steadfast focus on integrity, sustainability, and community development, placing people at the forefront of all our initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the regions where we operate. We aspire to contribute to the holistic development of communities by focusing on key areas such as education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic empowerment.

Our Approach

Community Engagement

We believe in building strong partnerships with local communities to understand their needs, challenges, and aspirations. Through active engagement, we ensure that our initiatives are relevant, inclusive, and empower the communities we serve.

empowerment through education & skilling.

Education is the key to unlocking opportunities and building a brighter future. We invest in educational initiatives that promote access to quality education, skill development, and increased employability to empower the next generation. Keeping this in mind we have already begun our efforts towards providing employment opportunities to women by training them and establishing garment factories, truck driving, etc.

environmental stewardship

As a responsible corporate entity, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint and actively engage in environmental conservation and awareness campaigns.

health and well-being

We strongly believe in the philosophy of “Health is Wealth” and we are committed to improving the health and well-being of the communities near our operations. Our healthcare initiatives focus on providing access to medical facilities, promoting preventive healthcare, and supporting health awareness programs.

our sphere of influence

At Lloyds Metals, our commitment to CSR extends far beyond our operational boundaries. Our Sphere of Influence encompasses a dynamic network of connections, where every decision, action, and partnership resonates across industries, communities, and lives. We recognize that our impact reaches beyond our immediate operations, touching suppliers, collaborators, customers, and society at large. With this understanding, we embrace the responsibility to drive meaningful change across this interconnected web. By leveraging our influence, we aim to inspire a ripple effect of positive transformation, where our dedication to sustainability, community well-being, and ethical practices reverberates far and wide.

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Balasubramanian Prabhakaran



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"Ea se est meritis est netus sunt nam cunctando, ea caduca ii sunt mus torquent."
Thomas Jackson
"Ea se est meritis est netus sunt nam cunctando, ea caduca ii sunt mus torquent."
Jeffrey Mcfadden
"Ea se est meritis est netus sunt nam cunctando, ea caduca ii sunt mus torquent."
Karen R. Walker