Empowering Tribal Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

Empowering Local Youth

Empowering Local Youth: Lloyds Raj Vidya Niketan’s Journey in Rural Education

In the heart of Etapalli taluka lies the village of Hedri, emblematic of the challenges faced by many in the region. For years, limited access to quality education has hindered the holistic development of its children. However, a transformative tide is sweeping through, driven by the collective efforts of government bodies, law enforcement, community stakeholders, and Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd. (LMEL).

LMEL, through its philanthropic arm, Lloyds Infinite Foundation, has embarked on a mission to uplift local communities. Among its impactful endeavors stands Lloyds Raj Vidya Niketan (LRVN), a beacon of hope poised to revolutionize the lives of rural youth. Committed to more than just academic prowess, LRVN is dedicated to instilling vital life skills and an entrepreneurial spirit in the young minds of village dwellers

From Tribal Villages to Perth: Lloyds Empowers Students for Global Education

Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited (LMEL) goes beyond its mining operations in Gadchiroli, India. Through their CSR arm, Lloyds Infinite Foundation (LIF), they’re committed to the region’s long-term development. A key initiative? Selecting talented students for overseas education, allowing them to contribute back to their community with enhanced skills!

LIF identified 14 students from villages near the Surjagad mines who excelled in their 12th grade exams and aspired to study abroad. With the vision of B. Prabhakaran, MD of LMEL, these students were offered the best education in their chosen fields. Curtin University in Perth, Australia, was chosen to provide global exposure and industry-ready skills.

LIF covered all expenses for the chosen students, including training, food, and accommodation. Through rigorous training in English communication, dialects, and Australian customs, these students were prepared for success. Six students aced the IELTS exam, securing their spots at Curtin University.

Mi Swakshari Karnar - Illuminating Lives, One Signature at a Time

Education is a powerful beacon that lights up lives, transcending boundaries and transforming communities. Under the inspiring project “Mi Swakshari Karnar,” which translates to “I will sign,” we embarked on a journey to empower illiterate women from 18 remote villages in the Etapalli Block. The mission was simple yet profound: to teach these women how to sign their names, a skill that can unlock doors to a brighter future.

Over a span of 15 days, we undertook a series of activities to achieve our goal. Street plays, baseline surveys, corner meetings, and daily one-hour classes became part of their routine. The impact was profound, with 189 women gaining the ability to sign their names confidently.

Distribution of Educational Materials to Students

At Lloyds Infinite Foundation, we are passionate about supporting the education and empowerment of the children in our community. Through collaboration with Light of Life Trust (LOLT), we implemented the Anando School Empowerment Program at three schools in Ghugus, Chandrapur district.

We inaugurated science labs, libraries, and computer rooms and distributed educational materials to 749 students. The event was attended by key stakeholders who appreciated the initiative and expressed their commitment to continue supporting the cause of education.

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