Connecting Communities through Sustainable Development

Bridging the Gap

In the pursuit of regional development, infrastructure stands out as a pivotal element. It not only enhances connectivity but also fosters overall prosperity. Gadchiroli, a region brimming with potential yet long underdeveloped, is now stepping into the national spotlight. Beyond its abundant natural beauty, unique art, and culture, Gadchiroli boasts some of India’s finest iron ore reserves, paving the way for its potential transformation into the new ‘Steel City of India’.

The inception of operations by Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd. (LMEL) at Surjagarh brought with it a clear vision—to contribute to society in a comprehensive manner through its CSR initiatives under Lloyds Infinite Foundation (LIF). Infrastructure development for the 21 villages was a cornerstone of LIF’s plan, encompassing road construction, electricity provision, borewell installation, hand pump installation, overhead tank projects, and the construction of community halls and pond rejuvenation.

The electrification project, a flagship initiative, commenced at Moharli village, a remote Madiya tribal habitation in Etapalli taluka, Gadchiroli district. A baseline survey paved the way for the installation of a 65 kW transformer, 67 electricity poles, and electric metres for all 48 households, sparking hope throughout Moharli village. LIF is actively collaborating with MSEDCL officials to electrify Hallur village.

Other completed projects include maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as government school borewells, pipeline repairs, water tank maintenance, and installation of water pipelines and hand pumps. Additionally, pond desilting and the installation of overhead water tanks have been undertaken in several villages, with regular maintenance to ensure sustainability.

Manger village’s pond is not only being desilted but also beautified with pathways, seating areas, gardens, solar lighting, and facilities for duck and fish rearing, aiming to transform it into a tourist attraction and enhance the region’s aesthetics.

To facilitate local programs and meetings, community halls are under construction in Bande and Hedri villages. Drainage, street lighting, and drinking water facilities are also on the agenda for implementation across the villages. Plans are in place to desilt two more ponds and install seven additional overhead tanks.

Lloyds Infinite Foundation believes that infrastructure is the cornerstone of regional development and is committed to developing top-notch infrastructure across these villages. Alongside other sectors, infrastructure development will be a key focus area, propelling the region into a new era of development, on par with other regions. LIF’s earnest endeavour is to address years of development stagnation in these villages by ensuring connectivity and providing holistic facilities for their growth and prosperity.