Curtin University

​​Embarking on a journey of transformation, six bright minds from the remote forests of Gadchiroli are poised to redefine their futures, thanks to the Lloyds Infinite Foundation. Hailing from villages untouched by modernity, these tribal children, nurtured amidst nature’s embrace, dreamt of studying abroad, a dream now realized as they prepare to set foot in Curtin University, Australia. 

Overcoming myriad challenges be it linguistic barriers, the specter of Maoism, or the annual flood threat they’ve emerged victorious, excelling in academics and interviews. Selected for their intellect, English proficiency, and adaptability, they underwent rigorous English training in Nagpur, followed by comprehensive preparation in Delhi by Canalpha Immigration Solutions. Lloyd’s Infinite Foundation shoulders the entire journey’s cost—from training to travel, education to accommodation—alleviating parental concerns through counseling. With aspirations to excel and the Foundation’s unwavering support, these children stand poised to carve a brighter future, enriching not just their families but also their communities. Join us in empowering these young changemakers today!