Lloyds Hospital at Hedri Witnesses First Baby Birth.

On a crisp morning in Gadchiroli, February 1st marked a special day for the villagers of Hedri. Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial (LKAM) Hospital, a beacon of hope amidst the rugged landscape, celebrated the birth of its first baby. The joyous event took place on January 29th, 2024, bringing immense happiness to Mr. Ajay Rajesh Minj and Smt. Bali Minj from the nearby village of Bodmetta. Their newborn son was more than just a new addition to their family; he was a symbol of progress and hope for the entire community.
The Minj family was overjoyed as they received congratulations from Mr. B. Prabhakaran, Managing Director of Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd. His presence added a special touch to the celebration. The company’s recent establishment of an iron project at Surjagad had already begun to bring transformative changes to the region, but the hospital was perhaps its most heartfelt contribution.

Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital was inaugurated on December 8th, 2024, by Lloyds Infinite Foundation under its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Before its inception, the villagers of Hedri and surrounding areas had struggled with a severe lack of medical facilities. Access to quality healthcare was a distant dream for many.
Now, with a 30-bed multi-specialty hospital equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, that dream was a reality. The hospital catered to the diverse medical needs of the local population, offering services ranging from routine check-ups to emergency care. A dedicated team of specialist doctors and visiting consultants ensured that every patient received the best possible care.
As the first cries of the Minj baby echoed through the halls of LKAM Hospital, they carried a promise of a healthier future for Gadchiroli’s remote villages. The hospital stood as a testament to what could be achieved when compassion and corporate responsibility joined hands. For Mr. Ajay Rajesh Minj and Smt. Bali Minj, their son’s birth was not just a personal joy but a shared celebration with their entire community, marking the dawn of a new era of hope and healing.