Skills Development

Empowering Workforce and Communities through Skills Development.

Building Futures

In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, a mere formal education or degree no longer guarantees success in the professional realm. It’s the continual development of skills aligned with industry demands that propels individuals towards advancement and achievement. With India’s burgeoning global influence and nations increasingly relying on Indian talent across diverse sectors, the demand for a skilled workforce has never been higher. This urgency is further amplified by India’s vibrant demographics and youthful population, necessitating a transformative overhaul of education and skill development initiatives.

Recognizing this imperative, both Central and State Governments are introducing crucial interventions, policies, and programs. Concurrently, the public and private sectors are prioritizing skill development initiatives at all organizational levels, including through corporate social responsibility endeavors. Individuals themselves are gearing up for the tech-driven market and the demands of Industry 4.0.

Illustrating the significance of skill acquisition, Jim Rohn’s quote resonates: “You can cut down a tree with a hammer, but it takes about 30 days. If you trade the hammer for an axe, you can cut it down in about 30 minutes. The difference between 30 days and 30 minutes is skills.”

At Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd. (LMEL), skilling and upskilling constitute focal points, as the organization firmly believes in the pivotal role of continuous learning in both employee and company success. Whether it’s imparting skills to local communities or enhancing the capabilities of employees across various job roles, LMEL remains committed to adapting to changing market dynamics. Training encompasses a wide array of roles, from heavy machinery operation to technical trades like electrician work and computer proficiency.

Behavioral training is also integrated into the curriculum at LMEL’s Vocational Training Centre in Surjagarh, ensuring holistic development among trainees. The organization spares no effort in providing top-tier training, often collaborating with esteemed institutions such as Ashok Leyland and Vivekananda Polytechnic.

LMEL’s dedication extends to fostering gender inclusivity, with women actively participating in traditionally male-dominated roles like excavator and dumper operation. Efforts to create a conducive environment for female participation in core mining operations reflect LMEL’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Collaboration across departments is paramount at VTC Surjagarh, where HR, CSR, and other units collaborate to tailor training programs to meet organizational needs. External partnerships enable access to specialized training facilities, ensuring trainees receive comprehensive theoretical and practical education.

The outreach efforts of Lloyds Infinite Foundation play a crucial role in engaging communities and facilitating enrollment in skill development courses. Outreach centers strategically located across villages provide accessible avenues for individuals to explore training opportunities and enroll in programs aligned with their aspirations.
In essence, the team at Lloyds is dedicated to catalyzing positive change in people’s lives through effective skilling and upskilling initiatives. By empowering individuals and communities with relevant competencies, they pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.