Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited’s Monumental Impact at ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ Event in Gadchiroli​​

Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited (LMEL) left an indelible mark at the ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ event in Gadchiroli, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to community welfare and development. This event, part of the Government of Maharashtra’s ambitious initiative, aimed to bring government services directly to the doorstep of citizens, fostering accessibility and convenience.

Supporting Government Initiatives: LMEL’s proactive involvement in the ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ program underscored its dedication to social responsibility. The company’s participation played a pivotal role in facilitating access to government schemes and essential documents for the residents of Gadchiroli, benefiting approximately 6.97 lakh people in the district.

Dedicated Stall Setup: At the event, LMEL established a dedicated stall with the primary objective of streamlining access to vital services and documents. This innovative approach ensured that citizens could conveniently access government assistance and resources, all in one accessible location.

Engagement with the Community: Mr. B. Prabhakaran, the Managing Director of LMEL, actively engaged with attendees during the event, offering valuable insights into the company’s growth plans and showcasing employment opportunities. The enthusiastic response from the community marked a historic moment for Gadchiroli, with the event witnessing the largest gathering ever recorded.

LMEL’s impactful presence at the ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ event exemplifies its dedication to serving the community and supporting government initiatives aimed at improving the lives of citizens. As a responsible corporate entity, LMEL remains committed to driving positive change and fostering sustainable development in Gadchiroli and beyond.