Empowering Women: Lloyds Infinite Foundation’s Initiatives.

At Lloyds Infinite Foundation, our commitment to women empowerment is unwavering. Through various initiatives across sectors like garment manufacturing, sports, healthcare, education, and skill development, we strive to uplift and empower women, fostering positive change and sustainable progress in communities.

Lloyds Vanya Clothing Co.: Situated at Hedri, Tal. Etapalli, Dist. Gadchiroli, Lloyds Vanya Clothing Co. provides skill development and employment opportunities to more than 350 women from nearby villages. This endeavor not only enhances their employability but also contributes to their personal growth and the prosperity of their families and communities.

Impact and Achievements:

  • The women employed at the garment unit have showcased remarkable progress, with observed benefits including reduced tobacco usage, improved communication, and enhanced discipline.
  • Sales of shirts made by these women have surpassed expectations, with 1085 shirts sold, totaling over ₹5 lakhs in worth, during various sales events.
  • In sports, girls from Lloyds Sports Academy have consistently excelled, clinching medals in district and state-level tournaments, showcasing their talent and determination.
  • Women play a pivotal role in Outreach Centres, effectively bridging the gap between the organization and villagers, thus facilitating the dissemination of initiatives and fostering community engagement.

Diverse Roles in Core Operations: Women are actively involved in core mine operations, driving vehicles at Surjagarh Iron Ore Mines and Konsari Steel Plant, and undergoing training for excavator operations, highlighting their versatility and capabilities.

Contributions in Healthcare and Education: At Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital and the upcoming Lloyds Raj Vidya Niketan School, women constitute a significant portion of the workforce, driving excellence in their respective roles and contributing to the delivery of quality healthcare and education.

Empowerment through Education: Through initiatives like ‘Mi Swakshari Karnar’ (I Will Sign), 189 women from 18 remote tribal villages have been empowered to learn and successfully sign their names, symbolizing their journey towards literacy and empowerment.

Lloyds Infinite Foundation’s women empowerment initiatives reflect our steadfast commitment to fostering inclusive growth and sustainable development. By providing opportunities for skill development, education, and employment, we empower women to realize their full potential, driving positive change and creating a brighter future for generations to come.