From Farm to Table: Empowering Local Communities

Fresh Start

The Lloyds Infinite Foundation (LIF) is making a positive impact by supporting local farmers and promoting self-employment. One key initiative focuses on creating additional income streams for residents by encouraging them to grow and sell fresh, pesticide-free vegetables.

The LIF team began by educating villagers about the program’s benefits. Initial hesitation was overcome, and within three months, over 20 farmers from 10 villages participated. The LIF team provided necessary assistance to get them started.

This collaboration has been a success. Over 3,000 kgs of vegetables, including brinjal, pumpkin, coriander, and more, have been harvested and purchased directly from the farmers at above-market prices. These fresh, healthy vegetables are then used in the kitchens of Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd., ensuring employees enjoy delicious, local produce.

The impact extends beyond immediate benefits. With an ambitious goal of establishing 200 kitchen gardens across 21 villages in the coming months, the LIF program is empowering local communities for a healthier future.

From Backyard to Business: Empowering Women Through Poultry Farming

At Lloyds Infinite Foundation (LIF), our mission is to enhance the well-being of our region and create positive, lasting change in the lives of local residents. A key focus of our efforts is empowering local women and providing them with sustainable livelihoods. One shining example is the Lloyds Garment Unit in Hedri village, where over 300 women have received training and employment.


Our commitment extends beyond garment production. During baseline surveys conducted in various villages, we discovered that many families were already raising chickens but lacked the proper knowledge and systems for efficient care. To harness this potential, we organized meetings with women from different villages to discuss poultry farming as a viable livelihood option.

Through these sessions, more than 30 women learned about the benefits of poultry farming and how it could significantly boost their household income. To further their knowledge, we arranged an exposure visit to Mul block in Chandrapur. Led by our CSR team and guided by Poultry Business Specialist Akshay from Chandrapur, the visit provided hands-on insights into setting up and managing a poultry business, including necessary precautions and best practices.

The visit was enlightening and inspiring. The women returned with enthusiasm, ready to start their own poultry ventures. This initiative not only promises to improve their livelihoods but also aims to inspire others in the community. Once fully implemented, this program could become a cornerstone of village empowerment, showcasing the profound impact of turning backyard poultry farming into thriving businesses.