Exploring Modern Farming Techniques: Exposure Visit at Mul Block, Chandrapur

On April 29th, 2024, our team, accompanied by 11 farmers, embarked on an enriching journey to the MUL block in Chandrapur district. The purpose? To delve into modern farming practices and glean insights from progressive farmers like Pramod Soyam, who graciously shared their expertise with the eager attendees.

Key Highlights:

  • Knowledge Exchange: Pramod Soyam, a beacon of innovation, illuminated the path towards modern agriculture by introducing the farmers to cutting-edge cultivation techniques. His insights sparked enthusiasm among the participants, who eagerly absorbed the newfound knowledge.
  • Eagerness to Learn: The farmers displayed a palpable excitement and willingness to embrace these innovative methods. They recognized the potential of these techniques to revolutionize their farming practices and enhance crop yields.
  • Featured Techniques: The visit showcased a spectrum of modern farming techniques, including mulching cultivation, onion cleaning machines, and advanced bean cultivation methods. Each method held promise for optimizing agricultural output and sustainability.
  • Challenges and Needs: While the farmers were impressed by the showcased advancements, they voiced a practical concern—access to solar panels. Recognizing the importance of renewable energy in implementing these technologies effectively, they emphasized the need for support in acquiring solar panels to power their farms.

Leadership and Coordination:

  • Lead By: Tanay, Vikas, and Rakesh, whose passion for agricultural advancement drove the success of the visit.
  • Coordinated By: Swapnil, whose organizational prowess ensured a seamless and fruitful experience for all participants.

The exposure visit to Mul Block, Chandrapur, served as a catalyst for change, igniting a fervor for innovation and progress among the farming community. As these farmers embrace modern techniques and seek sustainable solutions, they pave the way for a brighter future in agriculture.