Hand Pumps Installed and Handed Over to Umri and Kadholi Villagers

In a significant step towards improving the water accessibility in local communities, new hand pumps have been installed and officially handed over to the residents of Umri and Kadholi villages.

Hand Pumps for Umri Village.
The ceremony in Umri village was attended by Sarpanch Indiratai Borkute, local villagers, and representatives from the CSR team responsible for the initiative. The new hand pump is expected to greatly alleviate the water scarcity issues faced by the village, providing a reliable source of clean water.

Hand Pumps for Kadholi Village
A similar handover event took place in Kadholi village, where Sarpanch Jitendra Hulke, Upsarpanch N Hulke, and several other villagers were present. The installation of the hand pump is seen as a vital improvement for the community, ensuring better access to water for daily needs.

Community Impact
The installation and handover of these hand pumps mark a crucial development in the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life in these villages. The initiatives are part of a broader commitment to support rural infrastructure and provide essential resources through collaborative efforts with local governance and corporate social responsibility programs.

Residents of both Umri and Kadholi have expressed their gratitude and optimism about the positive changes these installations will bring to their daily lives. The hand pumps are expected to reduce the time and effort spent on fetching water, thus allowing villagers to focus more on other important activities.
This development underscores the importance of such collaborative efforts in addressing fundamental needs and promoting sustainable rural development.